T7 promoters and expression

BARRY J MARGULIES bjmarg at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu
Sat Jun 11 13:07:06 EST 1994

In article <Dress-080694162708 at chuck.biosci.arizona.edu>,
Virginia Dress <Dress at biosci.arizona.edu> wrote:
>> > Has anyone else experienced such difficulties with T7 
>> > promoters? 
>> Have you tried pLysS (or pLysE) cells as originally described by Studier et 
>> al.? (deletion).
>> I'm sure they're commercially available (but don't remember where from).
>> Jim
>If Studier made the construct you should be able to get it from him gratis,
>unless he has sold the rights (or whatever the legal jargon is that covers
>this) to some biotech company.  You should be able to contact him by email
>or the old fashioned way, he's very generous with his constructs and sends
>them out promptly.
As stated before, Novagen now owns the rights.  They have all the cells 
and all the constructs.

-Barry (bjmarg at welchlink.welch.jhu.edu)

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