Protocols for isolating large (>200kb) plasmids.

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>Subject: Protocols for isolating large (>200kb) plasmids.
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>Dear netters,
>        I am looking for protocols for isolating 'mega' plasmids (200kb or more)
>from bacteria. I have tried some of the usual alkaline lysis procedures, but
>havent yet succeeded fully.
>        Before I test a couple of other procedures, I thought I would get input
>from others who might have had some experience in this.



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At ASM this year, I saw a poster the described such a method, but I haven't 
tried it yet. Following in-gel lysis, you linearize the DNA with S1 nuclease, 
then run a pulse-field gel.  The 
poster number was H249, and the authors are Barton, Harding, and Zuccarelli 
from Loma Linda University.  The method hasn't yet been publised in a journal. 
 If anyone tries this method in the near future, I would be interested in 
knowing how it turns out.  Good luck!
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