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Sun Jun 12 17:43:28 EST 1994

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(Bernard Murray) wrote:
> In article <genecutl-100694134021 at kos2mac2.berkeley.edu>, genecutl at mendel.berkeley.edu (gc) writes:
> > Does anybody have any ideas of what the Qiagen matrix is
> > composed?
> Qiagen			Glass milk
> Promega (Wizard)	Silica
> BioRad			Celite
> Gibco (and others)	Ion exchange
> Promega (Magic - RIP)	Celite
> "Merlin" etc.		Commercial Celite
> However, BioRad != Magic.
> 		Bernard
> (who is dabbling with the Merlin as he has no commercial affiliation
>  with any of the above - but pays their price and suffers the consequences)
> Bernard Murray, Ph.D.
> bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov (National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda MD, USA)

One time while I was precipitating my DNA following elution from
the Qiagen column, I took the initiative to cut one of the columns
open.  The consistency of the matrix didn't seem like glass milk.
To be technical, it was mushier.
Is this just a ploy by the fine people at Qiagen to hide the fact
that it is in fact just glass milk, or is it actually something


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