QIAGEN resin

Joseph C. Bagshaw jbagshaw at wpi.WPI.EDU
Mon Jun 13 09:00:47 EST 1994

What's the big mystery?  The following is excerpted from the
QIAGEN Plasmid Handbook, which comes with the tips:

"QIAGEN-tips contain a unique, patented anion-exchange resin
QIAGEN resin is based on a unique surface modification of
silicagel.  In a special process, macroporous silicagel, with
a particle size of approximately 100 um, is covalently coated
with a hydrophylic substance that prevents nonspecific
binding. The process is carefully controlled to yield a resin
with the highest possible surface charge density."

If you visit aQIAGEN display at a meeting, they will openly
tell you that the anion exchanger is diethyl aminoethyl, good
old DEAE.  What they won't tell you is how they stick it to
the silicagel.  I suppose you could read their patent, if
you just can't live without knowing the secret.  If it
works for you, who cares?

I have no affiliation with QIAGEN, except maybe a former grad
student who is/was working for them.

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