RNA extraction from bulbs

Mick Partis partis at arcu.afrc.ac.uk
Mon Jun 13 08:47:41 EST 1994

We have been attempting to extract RNA from Narcissus bulbs with little
or no success.  Using standard methods of extraction, the initial viscosity
of the extract is giving us some problems - including a gelatinous pellet
which I presume is carbohydrate.  We have just tried Ken Manning's differential
solubility method using 2-butoxyethanol as a carbohydrate precipitant: this
gets rid of the carbohydrate but we end up with no visible material on EtBr

Have any Netters tried isolating RNA from Narcissus or any other bulb tissue?
Or does anyone have a suggestion as how we should proceed?

Mick Partis
PARTIS at afrc.ac.uk

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