location of Biosafety Manual?

dkatz at earth.doane.edu dkatz at earth.doane.edu
Mon Jun 13 13:31:49 EST 1994

Several months ago, someone posted that a biosafety in Micro. and Biomedical
Lab publication was available.  This is HHS pub. No. 93-8395 (CDC).
At that time, it was supposed to be at an ftp/gopher site:
bio.indiana.edu in molbio/doc/biosafety-book/ directory.
I actually found it there, was unable to get the document pulled back to
my account, and tried again today (now that school is out and I can
think of all my unfinished tasks).  The ftp site has been moved to
a second site: bio.indiana.edu;2 and I am unable to convince my computer
to connect to this.  Also too inexperienced to know what I'm doing wrong.
I tried .2 and space 2 and ;2 and -2, but cannot find the site.
Did anyone manage to get this book?  Can I convince someone to let
me know where I can find it or send it to me email (yes, I could spend
my money and buy it, but that would leave less for my lab).

Does anyone out there know what the proper site address is, or have the
Sue Katz,  Biology at Doane College, Crete, NE
DKatz at Doane.edu

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