PCR and BrdU

John E. Fox altabios at bham.ac.uk
Tue Jun 14 11:02:13 EST 1994

In article <2thpgm$gk2 at sun4.bham.ac.uk>, K.M.Toellner at bham.ac.uk says:
>We are planning, to perform PCR from cells, which are treated for 3h with 
>Does anybody know, whether Bromodeoxyuridine in the DNA-template 
>inhibits the PCR? And if so, whether the PCR-protocol has to be altered?
>Kai-M. Toellner   
>Dept. of Immunology     
>The Medical School                                                 
>University of Birmingham                             
>Birmingham B15 2TT, UK                      
>E-mail: K.M.Toellner at bham.ac.uk

Have a word with Mr A. Detta
Neurosurgery Hospital
Holly Lane,
021 558 3232 Ext 269

We made a whole series of oligos for him, all containing BrdU. I think they
were mainly as probes but I'm not quite sure.

John Fox    Ext 5450

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