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> So I was doing this restriction mapping on some sequence which I just got and
> I found the perfect enzyme which would be most informative on a Southern of 
> genomic DNA.  The computer cheerfully belched out: Tth 111 II!  What?  Yup.
> Tth 111 II is so special a restriction enzyme, in fact, that it is not 
> commercially available.  THUS:
> HELP!  Does anyone out there know where I can get Tth 111 II?
> Thanks,
> Baylor Coll. of Med.

It is so special 'cos the yield is lousy. I can't lay my hands on the 
published paper (misfiled as normal) but compared to Tth111 I it is 
,from memory, down by a factor of at least 250. You will find the 
source of the strain listed in REBASE if you want to try it yourself.

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