dissection and RNA extraction

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Tue Jun 14 17:17:18 EST 1994

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>We need to extract RNA from sheep sweat glands.  The problem is that it 
>takes two hours to dissect enough glands to work with, by which time the RNA 
>is completely degraded.  We tried fixing the tisssue or dissecting in tissue 
>culture medium but still didn't get any success.  We use the Trizol method 
>to extract RNA.
>Does anyone have any experience with extracting RNA from tissues that are 
>difficult to dissect?  Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Try putting the tissue into liquid nitrogen immediately after removing it
from the animal. A quick rinse in sterile PBS before plopping into liquid
nitrogen is also a good idea. After you get enough glands to extract,
quickly weigh the tissue and proceed with the Trizol. Hope this helps.
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Department of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
University of Vermont, College of Medicine
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