Biometra is now online

Tue Jun 14 13:30:51 EST 1994

Biometra Inc., a division of Biometra GmbH, is now online to answer
all of your questions concerning our products.  Biometra is the manufacturer
of thermocyclers, image analysis systems, hybridization ovens, electrophoresis
instruments, protein expression and purification kits and a number of other
products for the molecular biology research and diagnostic laboratories.
	Two of our more popular instruments are the TRIO thermalcycler and
the DUO-therm Hybridization oven.
	The TRIO is the world's most successful triple-block thermalcycler
It features three independent blocks that accommodate 20 0.5ml tube.
	The DUO-therm is really 2 independent ovens in one.  It features
an upper oven with a rotisserie, and, a lower oven with both an rotisserie and a shaking platform.

	For more information or technical service please email to

	Biometra at

or call 1-800-932-7250

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