Electroporator recommendation request

neale at mbcf.stjude.org neale at mbcf.stjude.org
Tue Jun 14 18:07:26 EST 1994

I know this has been covered before, and I apologize for the redundancy.......

But, we are in the market for an electroporator. We wish to obtain one that can
be used for mammalian and bacterial cells.

So far, my inclination is to buy the Bio-Rad units based on what some people
use around here.

I would be very interested to hear comments or suggestions about this
electroporator and other machines that people would recommend.

Thanks for your help,

Geoff Neale

Dept. of Virology and Molecular Biology        Internet: neale at mbcf.stjude.org
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital             Phone: (901) 522-0400
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