Optiseals and Needles

FJVAND00 at ukcc.uky.edu FJVAND00 at ukcc.uky.edu
Wed Jun 15 08:18:51 EST 1994

Dear Methodist-Reagentists,
We're having trouble fractionating sucrose gradients in Beckman OPTISEAL
tubes because the plastic in the bottom of the tube is so very thick.  The
needles break or bend trying to puncture them.
We switched to dispo needles which are very sharp and do the job, but the
necessary 2-inch length is apparently only available in 21-guage, which gives
far too much back-pressure.
Does anyone know of a manufacturer/supplier of 2-inch bevel-cut needles in a
broader guage, either dispo or stainless?
Thanks in advance,
Frank van de Loo
USDA/ARS, Lexington, KY.
(Mention of manufacturer doesn't imply any preference or opinion or other
thought process of the fed govt...)

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