Taq Extender

Andre Hamel hamel at cc.umanitoba.ca
Wed Jun 15 21:26:55 EST 1994

I was waiting 'til somebody discussed this product Stratagene's Taq extender).

I received a test sample from them, and found it to be wonderful for
"largish" amplfications ... for RT-PCR, for instance, most that I do are
between 100 and 500 bp, so no improvement ... BUT, for example, for one
of my 1 kbp amplifications, I am getting several fold (up to 10 times)
increase in product intensity ... using SAME rx'n mix split into 2 equal
halves, then Taq extender added to one aliquot ... anybody know what Taq
extender is?

Stratgene will give free test (beta-version) samples (10 uL of 5 U/uL),
shipped on dry ice ... impressive at that AND then the product ACTUALLY
worked as they claim (for larger size products).

Any others with experience with this product?


In article <sugupta.1122075530A at news.physics.sunysb.edu> sugupta at ccmail.sunysb.edu (Sunita Gupta) writes:
>I've recently tried Stratagene's "Taq Extender" PCR Additive and have seen
>good results.  Has anyone else tried this product?  I have yet to try it on
>multiple PCR reactions, but the two that I have done so far were greatly
>improved by the addition of Taq Extender.  By improved, I mean that the band
>I was expecting was more abundant and the background was lower.  I'd be
>interested in any comments. 

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