EMBL-3 gDNA library construction

pdearden Peter.Dearden at VUW.AC.NZ
Wed Jun 15 19:07:27 EST 1994


  We have been trying to construct an EMBL-3 gDNA library with very little 
success. We know the gDNA preparation we are using ligates properly into 
other lambda vectors (gt10 and Ziplox) and plasmids (pBr325 and pUc). 
Initially we prepared our own EMBL-3 which cuts, religates and packages 
properly but will not do the same in the presence of Sau 3a partially 
digested gDNA. We then moved on to EMBL-3 DNA from promega, which also 
didn't work and then EMBL-3 bam H1 arms from promega--again with no 
success even with size fractionated DNA.
  Has anybody had any experience (good or bad) with EMBL-3 and do you 
recognize the problems and have any suggestions. Thank you in advance.

 Peter Dearden

Biochemistry Department.
Victoria University of Wellington
P O Box 600, Wellington
New Zealand

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