ethidium bromide disposal

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Thu Jun 16 19:04:21 EST 1994

ww40 (William_D_WARREN at UMAIL.UMD.EDU) wrote:
: >> 
: >> Does anyone know of an effective and safe way to dispose of ethidium
: >>bromide?
: I recently saw an ad for a special bag that (according to the ad) sucks out
: the EtBr from a large(ish) volume of liquid in several hours/ overnight.
: You then pour the liquid down the sink (they claimed something like 99.9%
: decontamination) and throw the bag into the solid EtBr waste disposal for
: incineration. I can't remember where I saw the ad (Biotechniques ??), and seem
: to remember that they were rather expensive, but certainly more ecologically
: sound than pouring it directly down the sink.
Activated charcoal, I'd wager (see Maniatis).

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