RecPhage/ScFv Ab methods?

Peter Emanuel PAE3 at
Thu Jun 16 12:07:50 EST 1994

My Postdoctoral project involves producing and isolating ScFv Fab antibody frag
ments from mice.  I am intersted in asking several questions from people who ha
ve experience in mouse immunization protocols, mRNA islation from spleens, and
the subsequent PCR amplification of the heavy and light chains of antibodies. I
am inclined to use the Stratagene Lambda ImmunoZAP kit for the phage display of
 the isolated Fabs and am also seeking some input from someone who has used thi
s kit or the Pharmacia pCANTAB5E kit.  Which is better? How long does the proce
dure REALLY take?  I would appreciate any advice you may have.  Thanks.

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