Shareware cloning program that reads genbank feature tables?

Brian Foley brianf at
Thu Jun 16 09:54:27 EST 1994

Robert Lloyd (rlloyd at wrote:
: 	The subject line says most of it.  What I would like to know is if a
: program is available that  will read a genbank style file and then do
: simple DNA manipulations (splicing two DNA fragments together, deleting
: sections, inverting a file etc.) while  maintaining the feature tables of
: a genbank file ?  Of course writing a text file of the feature table
: would help _a lot_.  Several commercial programs read these feature
: tables but none seem capable of manipulating and then exporting them.

	DREAM ON!!!  You're lucky to find software that even reads any
of the feature table.  If I could write a program that was smart enough
to keep track of features after dicing and splicing, I wouldn't be giving
it away for free (unless the federal government had suported my programming
efforts, in which case it would be free to educational/research users).
However, the government seems to be not suporting much bio-computing at
this level, they have created an ASN.1 toolbox and now want private industry
to take that toolbox and sell it back to us after putting a user 
interface on it.
	I suspect that a lot of the Human Genome labs have developed software
that does what you want.  However, they do not want to give out hundreds of
copies of this software and then have to provide updates, user training 
and support for those programs at remote sites.  The shareware concept 
seems great until you send out a few copies of something you wrote and 
then spend the next few years providing "customer" support to a growing
crowd of users.

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