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: HI again netwalkers;

: This is my 2nd time to ask if anyone knows specific examples
: of intron conservation between similar or different genes
: (genes & references). I appreciate all responses I've got
: so far. Please send messages to:

	1)  Your question is far too vague.  How can you "conserve"
an intron in two different genes?  You can look at the human globin genes
and compare their introns, knowing that all globin genes diverged from 
a common ancestral gene at some point in the past.  Or you can look
at the human and chimpanzee beta-globin genes, knowing that humans and 
chimpanzees had a common ancestor.  
	You will find that the intron posisions are largely conserved,
but the primary DNA sequence has diverged significantly.  Perhaps there
has been conservation of some secondary structure or other feature of the
introns that we do not see when looking at the primary sequence.
	What type of "conservation" are you looking for?  In some cases,
enhancers and other important elements are found within an intron.  These
are typically small regions in comparison to the total intron size.  Are
you looking for such examples?  Or do you want to know of an intron in
a Drosophila that is completely identical to onw in a human gene?

	2)  Please don't ask people to mail the answers to you.  It
defeats the purpose of a newsgroup/bulletin board.  Nobody would
read a newsgroup if it was all questions and no answers would they?
The question:answer ratio must be lept as low as possible.

: mspeek at

: Cheers

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