Removing Bind Silane from plates

Dr R. Dalgleish ray at
Thu Jun 16 10:22:07 EST 1994

A recent posting said that 5% KOH in methanol will remove repelcote
(Sigmacote etc.) from glass plates. Will it also remove Bind-Silane?

I often find that if I treat one plate of a pair, the Bind-Silane
manages to pass through the acrylamide gel and onto the other plate
as well. The gel ends up bound to both plates and the only way to
separate them is to slice down through the gel with a sheet of x-ray

I realise that the trick ought to be to ensure that any excess Bind-
Silane is removed from the treated plate. Is there a foolproof way?
I've tried rinsing with water and with ethanol but with little


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