pCAT Basic cut by Hind III

Xin Guo vp23qw83 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu
Fri Jun 17 18:39:00 EST 1994

Hi, bionetters:

I cut pCAT Basic (~4.4kb) using Hind III (one Hind III site) and
got three bands on agarose gel. Compared with lamda DNA/Hind III
marker, I saw one the 4.4kb cut linear pCAT band and non-cut
circular pCAT band. But I also saw a band about 8.8kb. The three
bands seem to have the same amount of DNA. I am new on molecular
cloning. I have no idea what the 8.8kb band is. Is it possible
that the band is ligated two linear 4.4kb DNA or something else?
I isolated the pCAT from E. coli using phenol/choloroform method.

Xin Guo
vp23qw83 at ubvms.cc.buffalo.edu

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