Petri 6well/24well?

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Subject: Petri 6well/24well?
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>>If we add in an appropriate drug we can induce differentiation.  We
>>like to test some new compounds as differentiating agents but need to
>>as little as possible. So, is it possible to treat 6-well or 24-well
>>microtiter plates so that normally adherent cells no longer adhere? 
>>method would have to be effective over several days of culture.
>Are 6-well/24-well petri-plates (NOT tissue culture!) available?  Please

Yes (see Bionet.Cellbio).  They are just called petri dishes.  The others
are referred to as tissue culture dishes and the plastic is treated
differently to encourage adherent cells to stick to the surface.  The
petri dishes that I use in my lab are 60 mm dishes from Falcon (#1007). 
They also come in 100mm but I don't have the product number for those.

Jill Schaller
University of Michigan Hybridoma Facility

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