Problems with News archives? IUBio disk failures again

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Fri Jun 17 09:07:42 EST 1994

IUBio Archive has had repeated hard disk failures recently.  The
disk that failed last month failed again two weeks after its
"repair".  I had to sacrifice some of the service here to squeeze
the data into a smaller backup disk.  The few hundred megabytes
of indexing for network news here has temporarily been sacrificed.
The network news articles are still here and still being stored
as we generate them.  When the disk drive gets repaired, or a new
one I'm waiting for arrives, the news index will make a reappearance.
That may be up to a few weeks, as the company I've been buying these
disks from has recently not been very fast on its feet.

-- Don
-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at

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