ethidium bromide disposal

Sean David Moore smoore at
Fri Jun 17 09:02:20 EST 1994

Hey, I have looked on the MSDS for several companies supplying EtBr...The
most threatening warning is Eye irritant/unknown carcinogenic risk/in rats
in a lab when FED EtBr..caused cancer...

I'm not big for dumping much of anything...but the trace amounts used for
staining gels etc..don't even hold a match to things like Drano/cleaners/lysol
and whatever else gets int the sewer.

I dump it, but in an old lab we did a lot of CsCl preps..we soaked it up
in ACTIVATED just made a large carcinogenic sack of
mush..that will certainly end up in a dump..leaking into a small
stream..where some children are playing.

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BRIAN PETER MERRY (002846m at wrote:
: Does anyone know of an effective and safe way to dispose of ethidium bromide?

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