Using HP scanjet as densitometer

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> I have seen occasionl references to using a commercial flat-bed scanner, such 
> as a Hewlett-Packard Scanjet IIsx, as a densitometer.  I do a lot of 
> autoradiography and Western blotting and would like a relatively inexpensive 
> densitometer.  Hardware and software recommendations are most welcome.  
> Positive or negative experiences also sought.  Thanks everyone.

Have a look at I think June, Analytical Biochemistry. There is an article about
setting it up properly ie calibrating it for linearity. It varies depending
upon what you use ie silver stained gels or coomassie blue. The detector/source
responds differently. If anyone has one they don't mind taking apart then try
the following and report the results. The Anal. Biochem paper said that the
Xenon light covered 300nm up. CCD detectors will also cover this range. What
happens if one scans a EtBr DNA gel? If one uses a narrow range filter over
the CCD detector will one have a scanner for DNA gels. I don't know whether
the optics would pass the 300nm through to the gel but if so would this be an 
economical alternative to CCD cameras. I don't have a scanner to try this on
so anyone daring enough to try this out there? 

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