Using HP scanjet as densitometer

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Fri Jun 17 11:13:41 EST 1994

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> In article: <gkrause.33.0028B039 at>  gkrause at (Gary Krause) writes:
> > I have seen occasionl references to using a commercial flat-bed scanner, such 
> > as a Hewlett-Packard Scanjet IIsx, as a densitometer.  I do a lot of 
> > autoradiography and Western blotting and would like a relatively inexpensive 
> > densitometer.  Hardware and software recommendations are most welcome...
I've done this with scanned images and analyzed them with a program called
"NIH IMAGE", available by ftp from info-mac archives and elsewhere.  The
user interface is so-so but the price is GREAT-it's public domain so it's
100 % free (or at least your tax $ have already paid for it).

also, Duncan Clark asked:  
> happens if one scans a EtBr DNA gel? If one uses a narrow range filter over
> the CCD detector will one have a scanner for DNA gels. I don't know whether
> the optics would pass the 300nm through to the gel but if so would this be an 
> economical alternative to CCD cameras...

My guess would be:
1.  Squished gel from weight of scanner lid
2.  Gel buffer in scanner -> bummed out electronics.
But then again, I never was the adventuresome type.

Don Jackson

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