Petri 6well/24well?

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> Subject: Petri 6well/24well?
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> >>If we add in an appropriate drug we can induce differentiation.  We
> would
> >>like to test some new compounds as differentiating agents but need to
> use
> >>as little as possible. So, is it possible to treat 6-well or 24-well
> >>microtiter plates so that normally adherent cells no longer adhere? 
> This
> >>method would have to be effective over several days of culture.
> >>
> >Are 6-well/24-well petri-plates (NOT tissue culture!) available?  Please
> post.
> Yes (see Bionet.Cellbio).  They are just called petri dishes.  The others
> are referred to as tissue culture dishes and the plastic is treated
> differently to encourage adherent cells to stick to the surface.  The
> petri dishes that I use in my lab are 60 mm dishes from Falcon (#1007). 
> They also come in 100mm but I don't have the product number for those.
The ordinary plastic Petri dishes are not necessarily completely non-stick,
much to my surprise. When attempting to use Sterilin bacterial dishes with
Rat-1 fibros, they do manage to attach, although not as well.

I think there is something from Sigma for coating dishes to prevent cell
adhesion (Sigmakote? but I can't swear to it). My colleague is using it as
a means of determining the degree to which epithelial differentiation is
inhibited by oncogenes (cornified envelope formation assay) and preventing
adhesion is a lot more convenient than using that "snot" (Methocell) that
they previously used to suspend cells in medium (with the same effect). I
suspect he may have switch from the Sigma stuff to another similar coating
product which he thinks is better. I find the name from him if you need it.

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