Very large Plasmid Preps

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>What protocol is best for doing very large plasmid preps in E. coli, e.g.
>>200 g wet cell weight ? Do people just keep scaling up alkaline lysis ? Is
>there a more efficient way ? Thanks for input.

Don't know if this is the best method around, but it works.  Yes, it's
essentially a scaled up alkaline lysis, with a Sephacryl S1000 column stuck in
at the end to remove any RNA and chromosomal DNA leftover.  Details for the
prep starting with 150 g of wet weight cells can be found in:
Richmond, T.J., Searles, M.A. and Simpson, R.T., Crystals of nucleosome core
particle containing defined sequence DNA, J Mol Biol, 199, 161-170 (1988).

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