Shareware cloning program that reads genbank feature tables?

Nanfel Xu nxu at
Sun Jun 19 20:08:24 EST 1994

Robert Lloyd (rlloyd at wrote:
: 	The subject line says most of it.  What I would like to know is if a
: program is available that  will read a genbank style file and then do
: simple DNA manipulations (splicing two DNA fragments together, deleting
: sections, inverting a file etc.) while  maintaining the feature tables of
: a genbank file ?  Of course writing a text file of the feature table
: would help _a lot_.  Several commercial programs read these feature
: tables but none seem capable of manipulating and then exporting them.

I wrote 4 macro programs for WordPerfect.  In combination, they can 
extract the sequence from genebank format files and save the header.  
This extracted sequence can be flipped around (head to tail) or changed 
to complimantary sequences.  Of cause, you can do any splicing or joining 
different fragments together.  After all or any of these changes, these 
macros can change the sequence back to genebank format with numbering, using 
the saved header.  You probably need to edit the header to reflect the 
modifications in the sequence.  If you are interested, drop me a note, 
and I will send them to you.

Nanfei Xu
nxu at

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