insoluble DNA pellet after Qiagen Tip20

Jan Eggermont eggermon at
Mon Jun 20 09:29:43 EST 1994

Last week I tried Qiagen Tip 20 columns to prepare some DNA. It all went
fine until the very last step. After the isopropanol precipitation and the
ethanol 70% wash there was a small pellet visible at the bottom of the
tube. However, I could not resuspend this pellet in TE. I tried all sorts
of tricks such as vortexing vigourously, increasing the volume of TE to 100
microliters, heating to 50 0C, but to no avail. I then 'reprecipated' the
pellet, washed it extensively with EthOH 70%, but the final pellet was as
resistant to resuspension as the first one (despair....).

Has anyone experienced similar problems with the Tip 20? Any help,
suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated...

PS: I have also used the Tip 100 colums which worked fine. No problems in
resuspending the final pellet.

Jan Eggermont
Laboratorium voor Fysiologie - KU Leuven
Campus Gasthuisberg                      tel 32-16-345938
B-3000 Leuven                            fax 32-16-345991

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