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Mon Jun 20 03:40:14 EST 1994

In <CroI8B.Fs5 at> bawagan at (Hinayana Bawagan) writes:
>Hello netters!  Anyone out there who knows the email address of ROCHE at
>Nutley, NJ?  Thanks.

Here is someone from Roche who is in the BAD database. Contact him.

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NAME: Howard - Ken - R
date (DD-MM-YY):17-01-94
first name:Ken
middle initial:R
family name:Howard
job title:Assistant Member
e-mail address:howardk at
e-mail network:Internet
phone number:201-235-4657
FAX number:201-25-2318
institution:Roche Instuitute
address1:340 Kingsland St
postal code:07110

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