Microsatellite oligos

Larry Hale lhale at UPEI.CA
Mon Jun 20 07:56:12 EST 1994

I wish to do some experiments with microsatellite variation in my research. 
One of the things I need, of course, are oligos to identify a genomic close 
with microsatellite repeats (poly CA and poly GT). Unfortunately, I don't 
have access to an on-campus oligo-maker, and really don't want to pay 
commercial rates for something I will ultimately use a rather piddly amount 

Would anybody out there who works with microsatellite variation have some 
extra poly-GT and poly-CA oligos that they wouldn't mind parting with for a 
reasonable price?

Type to me at LHALE at UPEI.CA if you think you can help me.


Larry Hale
Biology, Univ. of Prince Edward Island

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