Petri 6well/24well?

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>>If we add in an appropriate drug we can induce differentiation.  We would
>>like to test some new compounds as differentiating agents but need to use
>>as little as possible. So, is it possible to treat 6-well or 24-well
>>microtiter plates so that normally adherent cells no longer adhere?  This
>>method would have to be effective over several days of culture.
> Are 6-well/24-well petri-plates (NOT tissue culture!) available?  Please post.

I have a sneaking suspicion that leaving these plates under UV (in the hood) 
for a few days can ruin the coating and stop adherent cells adhering.  I've no 
hard data, just that we used to gelatinize plates and sometimes left the ones 
we didnt use in the hood for several days, and every now and then we'd get a 
plate to which nothing would stick.  Maybe it's worth trying?


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