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Mon Jun 20 14:08:26 EST 1994

Joanne_Ownbey at CBRC.MGH.HARVARD.EDU wrote:
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:   OFFICE MEMO          FIAU                                   Date:6/17/94
: Hi

: I am looking for a source of FIAU for selection of ES cells.  Any supplier
: names, addresses and/or phone numbers would be greatly appreciated.

: Thanks,
: Joanne

: E-mail:  Joanne_Ownbey at

FIAU is only available from Oclassen (800)288-4508. Last month, they told 
me that they were no longer giving it out. You might try getting 
gancyclovir from Syntex (415)855-5050. Or you can try bumming it off of 
your neighbors.

Lisa Brunet
UC Berkeley
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