Removing Bind Silane from plates

Cornelius Krasel krasel at
Fri Jun 17 04:44:13 EST 1994

Dr R. Dalgleish (ray at wrote:
: A recent posting said that 5% KOH in methanol will remove repelcote
: (Sigmacote etc.) from glass plates. Will it also remove Bind-Silane?

: I often find that if I treat one plate of a pair, the Bind-Silane
: manages to pass through the acrylamide gel and onto the other plate
: as well. The gel ends up bound to both plates and the only way to
: separate them is to slice down through the gel with a sheet of x-ray
: film.

: I realise that the trick ought to be to ensure that any excess Bind-
: Silane is removed from the treated plate. Is there a foolproof way?
: I've tried rinsing with water and with ethanol but with little
: success.

Acetone does the trick in my hands.


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