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> Hi folks-
> I have about $1000-2000 dollars that needs to be spent immediately. We
> would like to purchase a setup that could be used to capture gel images
> (either ethidium bromide or stained) on a Macintosh system. We already
> have the computers and need advice on what kind of cameras and setups
> have been used successfully. Speed is of the essence in this decision
> making process.
> Please respond to me by email and I will post a summary here.
> Thanks in advance for your help. 
> Bob Gross
> Dept. of Biology, Dartmouth College
> bob.gross at
> PS - Has anyone tried Apple's Quicktake camera?

Hi Bob,

Below I list a system we put together that works very well in our lab.  We
certainly are not A/V computer buffs, but via the Net, we got great advice
from John McDonald and Fred Boyd.  Thanks, both of you!  The total system
obviously costs more than $2000, but when you take away the costs of the
computer and printer, it comes to around $2100.

Item	Price
*Video In Board	
Scion LG-3
(this works well with NIH Image)
Scion Corporation                                                          
                    (301) 695-7870
152 West Patrick Street
Frederick, Maryland 21701	
Fotodyne EtBr Interference Filter 590nm +/- 30nm bandwidth
Catalog Number 6-1022
                           (800) 362-3686
950 Walnut Ridge Drive
Hartland, WI 53029	
*CCD Camera	
from Motion Analysis Inc (503) 3342-3440
{the person I spoke with was very friendly and helpful}
Pulnix TM-7CN;  this is a 1/2" camera	
*Power Supply for CCD Camera	
PD-12P with connector	
Fujinon HX6125R	
Fujinon CloseUp lens adaptor Cl10052	

TOTAL COST:  approx. $2100

For a further $3800, we got a computer and a 600dpi printer for output of
our gel images...

Apple LaserWriter Select 360 (600dpi laser printer with toner and
cables)	$1400.00
Quadra 650 	

Good luck with the purchase.  Feel free to email me if I can provide
further information.


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