non-adherent 24-well plates

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Tue Jun 21 11:17:12 EST 1994

  In a previous article, yamagatm at THALAMUS.WUSTL.EDU (Yamagat) says:
  >Sorry, I am asking about 6-well or 24-well clusters that are NOT treated
  >for tissue cultures.
  >We can't use either negatively-charged (so-called tissue culture dishes) or
  >positively-charged (eg. Primaria).  I know 35mm and 60mm petri dishes and
  >96-well petri clusters are available from many companies. But, does anyone
  >know of clusters like these?
  I posted the original query about non-adherent petri clusters a few days ago
  and got some interesting ideas back in my mail.  Here's a short summary:
  - Jeanne Loring (jloring at suggested Falcon organ culture dishes
  (cat # 3037).  These have a centre well of diam about 1 cm.
  - D.Roos (droos at recalled a ref in Nature 273:345 (1978)
  where the dishes were coated with poly(HEMA) to reduce adhesiveness.
  -Rafael Linden (rlinden%brlncc.bitnet at refereed to
  a paper in Mol.Biol.Cell. 4:953 (1993) where wells are coated with
  denatured BSA followed by 2% agarose to prevent adhesion.
  After looking in catalogues a bit more I notice that Falcon makes 35mm
  petri dishes (ie untreated) which would be equivalent in size to a 6 well
  plate. (Falcon cat # 1008).
  Haven't tried any of these yet so I can't recommend one over another.
  Good luck.

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