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Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
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Nelson Salazar (N.SALAZAR at lshtm.ac.uk) wrote:

: Dear Netters,
:                 simple questions. Where can I find the map of the 
: vector pBluescript I ?? Is there a SacII site in the cloning site of 
: this vector ?? What is the difference between this one and the 
: pBluescript II SK ??

: Thanks in advance,
:                         N. Salazar

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Isn't that the same as Bluscript phagemid? I just briefly looked at the
two. It looks like one is longer than the other by three base pairs and
that the length of ColE1 ori is different between the two. You can find
the map of both of them in the 1994 strategene catalogue in the appendix.
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