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>      A few questions:
>      1.Can I reuse agarose gels, and what happens to DNA and EB in the
>      gels.

we have recast 1% agarose gels over 40 times with the only side effect
being the gel gets brittle. after taking the picture we put the gel (150 ml
1%) in a beaker with 1% TBE and let it soak. this removes most of the dye
(orange G for us) and probably some of the EtBr. saving on agarose is
imoportant to us since we can run 120 gels a week when we are in production
mode. the background level of recycled gels increases so you have bright
gels, i add more EtBr each time. i would not use recycled gels for
preparative purposes but it is fine for analytical gels. as for EtBr
vaporization concerns, we check our microwave every now and then and have
not noticed a build up of EtBr on the inside.

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