Optimal E Coli strains for MBP expression

Paul Riggs riggs at neb.com
Tue Jun 21 13:07:44 EST 1994

We have some protease deficient strains we use for making fusion proteins
that are unstable in E. coli. The best strains are rather sick, so we don't
use them unless we have to. You can get a list by anonymous ftp from
vent.neb.com (pub/product_support/pmal/pfp_strains.txt), or mail me a note
and I'll E-mail it.

> Nettpeople,
> We are currently using XL-1 Blue to express a clones gene from rabbit sperm.
> The rate of production of recombinant protein is not great at 1 ug/ml
> culture and in addition we see an number of breakdown products which are
> being formed in the bacteria not during purification. Other people here who
>  have expressed other (unrelated) sperm proteins also see the breakdown
>  problem. What other coli strains are appropriate? What ae the advantages
> and disadvantages?
> Thanks
> Michael K Holland PhD
Paul Riggs
New England Biolabs
riggs at neb.com

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