recycling pippete-tips?

Alexander P Rostovtsev rosto001 at
Tue Jun 21 11:49:24 EST 1994

In <2u722b$l2l at> php at (Petur Henry Petersen) writes:

>	Has anyone tried to recycle used pippet-tips (hope that is the
>right spelling...)? For some reason a bag of 1000 tips (yellow ones)
>costs 30$ in this godforsaken country. 

>	I have not tried it,mostly because we do pcr and it would probably
>cause contamination. I was wondering whether acid-soap-acid-lots-of-water
>might to the trick? Maybe I should take a patent on this ;)

>	pHp
>	Department of Biology
>	U.Iceland
	I've been doing it for 10 years in Moscow (we never had enough
hard currency to buy tips). We soaked tips (yellow and blue) in detergent
(some trivial suds without bleach or enzymes), then sonicated them for
5-10 min and washed them using pierced and plugged from one end hose (1
hole - 1 tip) with tap and dist. water. Tips can be reused 5-6 times
without much risk for non-crucial jobs. Acids deteriorated plastic pretty
fast so I wouldn't recommend it. 
This procedure takes a lot of your (your tech's) time and is a real pain in
the neck. 
Alexander Rostovtsev
U of Minnesota

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