ethidium bromide disposal

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> Dear Paul,
> It would be far more convenient for me to be
> able to read your summaries here than to hike
> to the library (which probably doesn't get TIBS).
> Are your summaries archived/posted?  Or is that
> a copyright violation?
> Pat
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> Patricia L. Foster
> Boston University School of Medicine
> Boston, MA USA
> pfoster at

When I originally started the monthly column in TIBS, I was planning to make
all the articles available by FTP. However, when I asked for permission to do
this, Elsevier Publishing would not allow me to. I also do not get any reprints
of the articles, but send out 25-30 photocopied packages per week by request.
I'm planning to ask for permission to make the articles available by FTP after
a certain time has passed, and with the stipulation that the articles cannot be
altered due to copyright. Maybe this time I can convince them to do it.

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