Pbluescript I map

Marianna Max drmax at casbah.acns.nwu.edu
Wed Jun 22 05:50:52 EST 1994

In article <2u82lf$skt at dns1.NMSU.Edu>, Shahram Mori <smori at nmsu.edu> wrote:
>Nelson Salazar (N.SALAZAR at lshtm.ac.uk) wrote:
>: Dear Netters,
>:                 simple questions. Where can I find the map of the 
>: vector pBluescript I ?? Is there a SacII site in the cloning site of 
>: this vector ?? What is the difference between this one and the 
>: pBluescript II SK ??
>: Thanks in advance,
>:                         N. Salazar
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>Isn't that the same as Bluscript phagemid? I just briefly looked at the
>two. It looks like one is longer than the other by three base pairs and
>that the length of ColE1 ori is different between the two. You can find
>the map of both of them in the 1994 strategene catalogue in the appendix.
>Shahram Mori

There is a map of pBS (sk/ks) in the back of the Strategene catalog (or at
least in the one I use for ref that is a couple of years old). I don't have
it with me but from memory I believe the only changes in the MCS between
pBS I and II is that II has an additonal BssHI site near the T7 primer


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