Removing Bind Silane from plates

Dr R. Dalgleish ray at
Wed Jun 22 03:37:15 EST 1994

> Sean David Moore (smoore at wrote:
> : The bind Silane went through the gel and the absence of a
> : solvent such as acidic etoh and placed a film on the other plate?
> :   Are you sure you didn't place a wet plate on the other before it set?..I
> : have never haerd of such a thing...please inform.
> It appears that the binding silane does indeed diffuse from the treated
> place through the gel and causes binding of the gel to the other plate.
> This problem is especially prevalent if you pour the gel the day before
> you use it.
> Sorry, no physical or chemical explanation.
> --Cornelius.
In fact I ran the gel the same day that I used and it still stuck so it
means that it does not take too long for the bind-silane to diffuse
through the gel.

I was advised that to reduce the problem it is necessary to use a _very_
small amount of bind-silane. Next, wipe the plate with _large_ amount of
ethanol (from a wash bottle) three times and wipe it of with Kimwipes using
fresh wipes each time.

I was able to successfully remove the bind-silane using the suggested
5% KOH in methanol for 1 hour. I prepared it as follows. Dissolve 10 g
of KOH pellets in water to a final volume of 10 ml. A graduated 15 ml
Falcon tube is convenient for this and the pellets dissolve quickly.
This gives you 100% w/v KOH. Add this to 190 ml of methanol and soak the
plate in it. Take all the usual precautions.

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