Need help with Institutional Computing Facilities(3X:methods,women,virol)

Marion Freistadt mfreis at
Wed Jun 22 17:49:03 EST 1994

I am writing to these groups because this audience is knowledgable about
computing systems.  Here in the swamps of Louisiana, there is a mini-crisis
in planning computing facilities for the next decade.  The Computer Sevices
people are way overloaded for the demand, such that it can take months to
get service.  Many people who want it are not hooked up to the internet. 
Of course, they feel it will only get worse.

The administration is now trying to solve the problems and is asking for
input.  I am curious how other schools handle these problems, so I am
asking for any suggestions from people who have "been there, done it".  

The specific questions are: How to set up a University-wide gopher server?,
ie hardware and software?  How to best (economically and efficiently) set
up literature searches?  (CD ROMS?? or direct to national library of
medicine??)  How to accomodate different individual needs--IBM vs. Mac.? 
Teaching stations???

Any input will be much appreciated. 

Marion S. Freistadt
Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology
Louisiana State University Medical Center
1901 Perdido St.
New Orleans, LA. 70112


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