Autoclaving DNA and contamination

Duncan Clark Duncan at
Wed Jun 22 11:08:06 EST 1994

OK Folks,

If you all reckon that autoclaving is of no help to reducing PCR 
contamination by 'trashing' the DNA then how should one prepare 10x PCR
buffers and MgCl2 stocks. I have produced over 50,000 1.5ml buffers for
various retailers (including licensed) of Taq pol etc over the last 3 years
or so. They have all been autoclaved and so far there hasn't been one 
reported case of false positives. Autoclaving is a pain but sterile dispensing
would be even worse. I have contemplated gamma irradiation but general opinion
on the net suggested that this would give even fewer breaks in the DNA. The
two UK commercial suppliers of this facility had no idea about DNA damage.
I'm just about to do a batch of 30,000 buffers so I'm open to any suggestions.


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