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> We did a BLAST e-mail search at NIH and got back a lot of lovely 
> information but we are having a hard time matching "genpept" 
> i.e. gp|z31698| to the references.  We can get info about Swis-Prot 
> it is just these ones that are giving us a hard time.  
> Any suggestions?
> Andrew Simmonds
I believe the number after the 'gp|' refers to the GenBank accession
number.  In this case you can use the NCBI's retrieve e-mail server.
Send the following message:

DATALIB genbank

to 'retrieve at'.  For more details send the word 'help'
in the body of the message to the same address.

Akemi Yagi
The Scripps Research Institute
yagi2 at

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