mRNA isolation from total RNA Kits (NEW)

Matt S. Crane ucbtmsc at
Wed Jun 22 09:19:50 EST 1994

I need good quality mRNA to construct a cDNA library, but have
encountered difficulties with the oligo dT beads I've been using,
(maybe my fault)
End result is that I now have the optin of buying more oligo dT beads,
or go for a kit (cost me roughly the same, it seems). 

Is Promega's biotinylated probe and magnetic particles kit a good idea
(I can get hold of the magnetic stand for free). From the photo of the
formaldehyde gel, it gave the impression of having phenomenal
enrichment for mRNA in the first round of purification...but we all
know about 'Photoshop' (Promega Catalogue 93/94, p150; Promega
Protocols and Applications guide, 2nd ed, p132)

Any first hand knowledge..or educated guesses?

Feedback greatly appreciated,


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