Can a polyclonal AB distinquish between two very similar proteins

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Jaishree Muppala Chittoor (jaishre at wrote:

: Hi,
: Can a polyclonal AB raised against a synthetic peptide (MNLAPLDT) be able
: to distinguish between a protein with this sequence and a protein that 
: shows >70% sequence identity with it.  This other protein has SNLAPVDT as its 
: sequence at the corresponding region.
: Thanks in advance.
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: Jaishree
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It all depends on the quartenray structure of the protein. What shape does
the second protein take as opposed to the first one? Also is the second
protein motif exposed? If it is buried within a protein ( in a canyon for
example) then the antibody is not gonna be able to recognize it.
I guess the answer to your question is ' I don't know':) but I think these
points are important to consider.
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