Help retrieving "genpept" references

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Wed Jun 22 11:36:21 EST 1994

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asimmond at (Andrew Simmonds) wrote:

> We did a BLAST e-mail search at NIH and got back a lot of lovely 
> information but we are having a hard time matching "genpept" numbers...
> i.e. gp|z31698| to the references.  We can get info about Swis-Prot etc. 
> it is just these ones that are giving us a hard time.  
> Any suggestions?
> Andrew Simmonds

Someone in my lab had the same problem.  Genpept is actually translated
sequences from genbank DNA sequences.  In our case it turned out to
be something from the sequencing of yeast chromosome 11.  It was
entered as a protein kinase, but that was only from homology to
other kinases, in actuality, I think it was just an ORF.

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