Drying gels w/o vacuum?

Sebastian W. Bunka seb at i102pc1.vu-wien.ac.at
Thu Jun 23 03:58:26 EST 1994

Louis Hom (lhom at OCF.Berkeley.EDU) wrote:
: Has anyone ever tried drying acrylamide gels just by sticking them in a
: book or something?
: -- 
Bad idea... unless you *don't* like that book (acetic acid from coomassie..)

I routinely dry my coomassie stained PAGEs by using the standard glycerol
destain *WITH* acetic acid (otherwise the gels will crack):

soak the gel in glycerol destain (100 ml acetic acid, 300 ml methanol,
100 ml glycerol, 500 ml dH2O) for 30 min.
wet geldryer paper (biorad; or this cellophane/gelatine paper that is 
used for making jelly/marmelade) in H2O, wrap cellophane around gel (
submerged in water) and clamp this sandwich using plastik spacers
along all sides on a solid support, and dry overnight at 37 degC.

works fine, SWB

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